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Partnerships are vital to Loneliness Awareness Week

Let's work together 

Since our humble beginnings in 2017, we’ve partnered with organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes to make Loneliness Awareness Week as big, bold and far-reaching as possible. From Public Health England to Royal Mail to British Red Cross, each and every one of our partners has enabled our campaign week to reduce the stigma around loneliness and empower people to make connections.

Supporting Loneliness Awareness Week is a great way to engage your staff, customers and key stakeholders whilst demonstrating how your business is proactively contributing to the well-being of your employees, customers, communities, and broader society.

Want to make a real difference?

Partner with us and make a real difference to the lives of others. There are so many ways you give to our work.


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To find out how your business can support our mission whilst adding value to your business, get in touch with To keep in the loop with the campaign, sign up to our newsletter.

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