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Partnering with Famileo for Loneliness Awareness Week

Famileo, the beloved family newspaper that bridges the gap between generations, has partnered with Marmalade Trust for our Loneliness Awareness Week campaign. This collaboration aims to raise awareness about loneliness, foster meaningful connections, and promote supportive communities.

Famileo’s mission is rooted in the power of connections – believing that strong bonds between family members can enrich lives. By facilitating communication and sharing cherished moments, Famileo helps families maintain, strengthen, and protect their relationships.

At Marmalade Trust, we are committed to raising awareness of loneliness as well as fostering connection in communities. Through campaigns, such as Loneliness Awareness Week, we work tirelessly to bring attention to this widespread issue and create a society where it is spoken about openly and normally.

Loneliness Awareness Week

Loneliness Awareness Week is a highly anticipated event that promotes conversations about loneliness in the UK and beyond, and this year, the campaign embraces the theme “Connections Matter” – encouraging people to harness small everyday moments of connection to make a big difference in all our lives.

This weeklong campaign, which shares Famileo’s values of making, strengthening and enhancing connections, invites individuals and communities to come together, share stories, and offer support. It provides a platform to discuss the significance of connection and aims to reduce the stigma associated with loneliness.

During Loneliness Awareness Week 2023, Famileo is proud to support Marmalade Trust's mission by donating £1 for every new subscriber to their cause. Not only that, as part of their commitment, Famileo will be promoting Marmalade Trust and Loneliness Awareness Week through an integrated digital campaign, which includes social media and PR activities, as well as launching a promotional code; ‘CONNECTIONMATTERS’.

Through this campaign, Famileo aims to raise awareness about the importance of combating loneliness and encourage individuals to make new connections and strengthen family ties. By fostering a sense of positivity and inclusivity, Famileo hopes to create a ripple effect that resonates throughout society.

Tanguy de Gélis, Co-Founder of Famileo said: "We are excited to announce this partnership with The Marmalade Trust, as we share a common vision of fostering meaningful connections. At Famileo, we believe that every connection made has the potential to enrich lives and bring people closer together, and through this collaboration, we want to create opportunities for families to strengthen their bonds.”

Alice Peperell, Campaign Director of Loneliness Awareness Week said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Famileo to increase connection during Loneliness Awareness Week 2023. Loneliness Awareness Week was set up in 2017 when our founder, Amy Perrin, realised there was a huge amount of stigma relating to loneliness, and it was often unspoken about. Working with Famileo to help open up the conversation around loneliness, supports our mission to create a society where loneliness is spoken about openly and normally, and increasing community connection.”

We are committed to raising awareness of loneliness and reducing its stigma. Together with Nextdoor, we’re shedding light on loneliness in our neighbourhoods. As we approach Loneliness Awareness Week 2023, let’s make an effort to connect with those around us and share a cuppa and a chat. It’s the little everyday interactions that can make a big difference in all our lives.

Join Famileo in supporting Loneliness Awareness Week 2023, as they aim to reach those who may be in need of a connection.

To learn more about Famileo and its commitment to bringing families closer, visit


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