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Bristol restaurants open their doors to lonely people on Christmas Day

Two Bristol based restaurants – The Bristolian in Montpelier, and The Whitchurch in south Bristol, have opened their doors on Christmas day to provide a three course Christmas lunch for people who would otherwise be on their own. The lunches are hosted by local charity Marmalade Trust, who are taking over 90 people across the city out tomorrow.

Marmalade Trust Founder Amy Perrin said: “We’d like to extend our special thanks to two of our venues, The Bristolian and The Whitchurch, who are not only allowing us to host Christmas lunch in their restaurants, they are also covering the costs out of their own pockets. As a small charity that relies on fundraising to take all of our guests out as friends, so that they don’t need to worry about the cost on the day, this really does make an amazing difference and means such a great deal to everyone involved.”

Owner Pete from The Whitchurch explained: “Christmas can be a very lonely time for some people. I myself have gone through times in my life feeling like this which is why I support the work of Marmalade Trust. They depend on donations from people to do their work. This year on Christmas day we will be having 20 people from the the charity have lunch and some special time with us. So this year I’ve decided that the charity itself will not pay for this but me myself will foot the bill. I wish them all a very merry Christmas from me and the team at The Whitchurch”.

Pictured: Owners from The Bristolian with Marmalade Trust founder Amy Perrin


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