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Be Together Bristol at Colston Hall

Loneliness is a common emotion that we are all likely to experience at some point in our lives. To help raise awareness and change the way we think about and acknowledge loneliness we are partnering with Bristol Music Trust and Colston Hall to host ‘Be Together Bristol; a day of free fun activities, performances and exhibitions promoting connection and friendship in Bristol.

Held as part of Loneliness Awareness Week 2019, an annual campaign we started in 2017, BeTogether Bristol is a family friendly day open to everyone looking to find out more about how they can reduce the stigma around loneliness and support people to find friendship.

Join us at Colston Hall on 21st June from 11am to 4pm, for a jam packed day of activities, fun and positivity!

Activities will include: Melody Makers – Choir baby friendly Laugh out Loud – laughing yoga with Joe Hore Kimberly Lji – Bares her soulful sound Elly Hopkins – Jazzes it up Deasy Branford – Granny raps Rob Mitchel – Takes the mic Monologues – A lonely play based on research by the performers

Plus wooden games, art and crafts and stalls exhibiting information about local activities and social gatherings to combat loneliness.


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