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About the campaign

Hosted by Marmalade Trust

What is Loneliness Awareness Week?​

Loneliness Awareness Week is a week dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness. It's all about creating supportive communities by having open, honest conversations. Loneliness is a natural human emotion - we are hardwired to need social connections. By talking about it, we can support ourselves and others. 

The campaign centres on a powerful message which resonates with many. We've trended on Twitter, reached 271.5 million people in one week with the campaign, and each year we've seen tens of thousands of organisations, charities and individuals get involved, including the Royal Family, the Prime Minister, Major of London, NHS trusts, and all Government departments.

Who runs the campaign? 

Marmalade Trust is a leading loneliness charity offering support for all ages, dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and empowering people to make connections. We launched Loneliness Awareness Week in 2017 and it grows in momentum each year across the UK and internationally. 

What can the campaign achieve? 

Loneliness Awareness Week is vital in increasing awareness and understanding of loneliness and we can create a more connected society. 

Whilst we’re seeing an increase in discussion on the subject, stigma remains and some key misconceptions still need to be challenged. Ask anyone to picture a lonely person and most will imagine an older person living on their own.  As such, we often rebuke and dismiss feelings of loneliness because ‘that doesn’t apply to me’.

By identifying and acknowledging all the times that we have personally felt and experienced loneliness, we can start to change our viewpoint, accept it and understand how to take action to manage the feeling (and our social connections) in the future. 

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Random Acts of Connection ​

Loneliness Awareness Week 2024 takes place from 10th - 16th June. Our theme, Random Acts of Connection, encourages everyone to increase those simple, everyday moments of connection which help us feel happier, less lonely and increase our sense of belonging. 

What can you do?


It can be as simple as a chat in a queue, smiling at a neighbour, reaching out to a friend, or signing up to a new activity or event.


Host or join a connection event

Discover our Connection Map with events across the country during Loneliness Awareness Week. Find one to join or host your own!


Learn about loneliness

Take a look at our expert resources to grow your understanding of loneliness and how to get better connected.

What sort of things happen during the week?

So much happens during Loneliness Awareness Week, the only limit is imagination! From coffee mornings and book clubs to walking clubs and art workshops, to neighbourhood bake sales and speed friending.


There are designated chatty tables in cafes and pubs, businesses putting loneliness on their meeting agenda, radio stations having honest and open conversations about loneliness, laughter yoga, swing dancing, shared office lunches and cook-offs. 


Thousands of pounds have been raised in the last seven years during Loneliness Awareness Week and thousands of people have connected to share stories and conversations that reduce stigma and raise awareness. 

Previous campaigns

Marmalade Trust launched Loneliness Awareness Week in 2017 and it grows in momentum each year across the UK and internationally. Here are a few of the highlights...


Connection Matters

In 2023 our campaign centred on the importance of connection.  We were thrilled to have worked with representatives worldwide to create supportive communities and spread our messaging further. We reached 268 million people, our hashtag trended on Twitter and 1,500+ connection-building events were held. We partnered with neighbourhood app Nextdoor on groundbreaking research, as well as other fantastic organisations. 86% of people felt more valued and connected as a result of the campaign!

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Join our social community

Taking part in Loneliness Awareness Week can be as simple as connecting onsocial media. Share your story with our hashtags: #RandomActsOfConnection  #LonelinessAwarenessWeek

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