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An inspiring institute: Clifton WI supports the Marmalade Trust

Our Project Coordinator Natalie went to give a talk at the Clifton Women’s Institute this week – and the evening ended in a wonderful way.

It was a meeting of hearts and minds: Link Together is one of the NFWI’s key campaigns this year to alleviate loneliness and bring people together. “The audience were great and they had some really good questions,” Natalie says. “There was lots of interest in signing up to our Buddy Scheme and getting involved with Loneliness Awareness Week in June.”

It was an evening of laughs and goodwill that ended on an unexpected high, when Chairperson Vanessa Pilley presented Natalie with a cheque for £750. “I wasn’t expecting it and it was a lovely surprise,” says Natalie. “It’s fantastic that the WI are supporting what we do.”

To all the good eggs at Clifton WI – thank you!


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