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A new charity partnership with HEINEKEN UK

We are delighted to announce that we have a new charity partnership with HEINEKEN UK.

As a small charity (with a big mission!) we are excited that they have chosen to work with us. This partnership will enable us to reach and support more people experiencing loneliness.

Here’s what it will mean for us all…


HEINEKEN UK are going to run lots of fundraising activities to raise money to support our work. This funding will help us to strengthen our team and run more projects to directly support people experiencing loneliness.

Increasing understanding of loneliness

As part of this partnership, we will be training 500 HEINEKEN UK colleagues to learn more about loneliness. By supporting more people to understand loneliness and how to recognise it, we believe we will help reduce the stigma of loneliness and have more open and honest conversations.

Community connection

Pubs are one of the places that people chose to gather and meet people in the community; they can offer a safe and sociable space for people to meet others and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. This partnership will allow us to pilot local activities in pubs, like local friendship groups, pub quizzes and gatherings that bring people together.

Raising awareness

Part of our mission is to raise awareness of loneliness. By working with HEINEKEN UK and its pubs, we will have the opportunity to share information, tips and guidance on loneliness and the importance of social connection to hundreds of thousands of people.

We look forward to offering more support, raising more awareness and bringing people together.


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