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Connection ideas

Find your Random Act of Connection

The power of micro connections
Do you feel uplifted when you exchange a smile with a stranger in the street? How about making small talk about the weather with the person behind the till at your local shop because it feels natural and like a nice thing to do.

You might not know these people very well or even know their names, but
research shows these moments of connection can significantly affect our happiness and sense of belonging. For Loneliness Awareness Week, we're encouraging everyone to increase those simple, everyday moments of connection!
Pick a Random Act of Connection to try
  • Smile at a passerby and brighten their day

  • Host a street party


  • Support a local business by leaving a glowing review

  • Make uninterrupted time for your loved ones

  • Talk to someone new on a dog walk

  • Join a parent's meet-up locally 

  • Bake a cake for a neighbour

  • Host a dinner party, games night or movie night

  • Chat to someone new at the school gates

  • Join a local Facebook group and start a conversation

  • Chat to someone in a queue

  • Ask your barista how their day is going

  • Give someone a sincere compliment 

  • Call a friend to catch up

  • Thank someone you feel grateful for and explain why

  • Send a message to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them

  • Share what you’re feeling with someone you trust

  • Show an active interest by asking questions when talking to others 

  • Get back in touch with an old friend you’ve not seen for a while

  • Find a hobby group to join 

  • Share a favourite memory or experience from your friendship with someone

  • Introduce yourself to a neighbour you haven’t met yet 

  • Share something that makes you feel connected

  • Sign up to volunteer at a local charity

  • Have lunch with a new colleague 

  • Become a penpal and make global connections

  • Find a group that’s meeting online, such as an online book club

  • Connect on a neighborhood chat site

  • Talk to the person you are sitting next to on public transport 

  • Join a local Parkrun and chat to someone new

  • Offer support and connection to the elderly in local care homes 

  • Working from home? Try exploring a co-working space to connect and meet others

  • Ask for introductions. If you have a couple of friends or acquaintances who have a larger circle of friends, ask them to introduce you to new people

  • Offer to carpool or commute with coworkers or neighbours

  • Join a community choir or singing group

  • Volunteer to coach or assist with youth sports teams

  • Offer to tutor or mentor students in your community

  • Leave a positive comment on someone's social media post

  • Find a tutor to teach you an instrument

Got an idea?
Our team would love to hear your Random Acts of Connection ideas! We may share your tip with our supporters on social media, so leave your name blank if you'd prefer to stay anonymous! 

Thank you for sharing your ideas!

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Share your story

The more we talk about our experiences of loneliness, the closer we move to a society where we recognise that loneliness exists and support each other to find new social connections.

Learn about loneliness

Loneliness is a normal human emotion. By building our understanding, we can help ourselves and others manage the feeling.


Our comprehensive guide covers everything from the definition of loneliness to who experiences it and its long-term effects. 


The power of micro connections

Do you feel uplifted when you exchange a smile with a stranger? Micro connections can have a significant effect on our happiness.


View all information pages

Discover expert guides on everything from how to feel more connected to how to have open conversations about loneliness. 


A group of older people in a care home organised an open session about loneliness during the campaign and the response was overwhelming. “It was fantastic to have the ‘excuse’ to talk about loneliness. We put aside 30 mins and ended up talking for nearly 2 hours… supporting each other and connecting. It was really fantastic.”


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Taking part in Loneliness Awareness Week can be as simple as connecting on social media. Share your story with our hashtags: #RandomActsOfConnection  #LonelinessAwarenessWeek

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