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Get involved in Loneliness Awareness Week

Connection Matters. It's what makes us human

Whether it’s your regular barista, the friendly dog on your walk, or the shopkeeper down the road, everyday moments of connection matter. They allow us to make connections and feel happier and less lonely.

For Loneliness Awareness Week 2023, we're encouraging everyone to harness these moments of connection. Together, we can all feel less lonely.


How to get started

Loneliness Awareness Week brings friends, colleagues and neighbours together to connect and build a sense of community. Get your free supporter pack to get you started and download our assets to help you take part, either as a supporting organisation or an individual.

Download packs and resources


Download a PDF pack with everything you need to know to get involved from this year's theme to ideas to a visual library of the assets and everything in between.


Download the whole bundle of resources to suit your needs from social posts to posters, logos to newsletter copy,  animation to email signatures. Keep checking back as we update more!

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Loneliness Awareness Week Logos

Download campaign logos

Image by Christin Hume

Download email signatures

Loneliness Awareness Week Poster

Download campaign posters

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Download virtual meeting backdrops

Businessman on Phone

Download posts for social media

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