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10 ways to support Marmalade Trust

First of all, thank you for reading this – you’re amazing! Without our dedicated community of volunteers and supporters donating time or spreading the word, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

To celebrate our 10th birthday, here are 10 ways to support our charity!

1. Have a conversation about loneliness

Our vision is to create a society where loneliness is recognised openly as something we are all likely to experience. One of the first steps to achieve this is to have a frank and honest conversation with someone you trust about times when you might have experienced loneliness, and be open to hearing their experiences too.

If someone you know is lonely, this time of year can be particularly difficult, so it could be a nice idea to gently reach out and let them know you care. You could also have a read of our top tips for making meaningful connections.

2. Donate to support our Christmas Cheer project

We don’t want anyone to spend Christmas Day alone if they don’t want to, so we invite them to join us for a free festive lunch on the big day, or a doorstep visit. Members are those who feel particularly lonely and isolated this year, for example, a person of an older age who may have no family or friends around.

Everyone is made to feel part of the Marmalade family! Any donations would be so gratefully appreciated, and would help us make sure no one is alone if they don’t want to be this Christmas. Click here to donate.

"It means everything to know someone cares. Without Marmalade Trust, I wouldn't have spoken to or seen anyone over Christmas. I'm so grateful."

3. Spread the word

Could you use your social network to speak out? Sharing our posts to your social channels is a great way to amplify our important message. You can follow Marmalade Trust on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

4. Volunteer with us

Each year, our small team at Marmalade HQ are overwhelmed with how many kind people offer their time to support their community. Through our Christmas Cheer and Marmalade Companion projects, we reach out to those most at risk of loneliness, guiding them to vital support and empowering them to make new friendships and connections.

Joining us as a volunteer not only changes lives but also offers a chance to forge lasting friendships, enjoy meaningful experiences, and truly connect with your community. We’re delighted that our volunteering roles are very popular, so apply as soon as possible here.

"The Christmas I volunteered with Marmalade Trust was the happiest I've had in years. Everything was so well organised and everyone I met was really friendly."

5. Join the 1500 Club

The 1500 Club is open to anyone looking to make a difference this Christmas. To join the club, we're asking you or your organisation to fundraise £1,500 to support the Christmas Cheer project.

Your donation of £1,500 will go directly to helping us bring festive cheer to those who would otherwise be alone, including the cost of a Christmas meal in a local pub or restaurant, and a Christmas hamper filled with treats. For most, this will be the only gift they receive. Find out how to get started here.

6. Raise funds for us for FREE

Donating to Marmalade Trust doesn’t have to cost you a penny! With Give As You Live every time you purchase something from most online retailers, they’ll make a donation to us – at no extra cost to you! Get started here.

7. Share your story

If you feel happy to, why not share your personal story or your own experiences with loneliness? Your story can inspire empathy, encourage conversations, and remind us all that we are not alone in our experiences and that there is a path to connection and support. To get you started, we've put together some writing for wellbeing tips here >

8. Swap the cost of two coffees

A regular gift of £5 a month for a year could help us support those experiencing chronic loneliness. It could also provide seasonal gifts and activities to show each individual that they are valued members of our Marmalade family. Regular donations are particularly helpful because they help us to more easily plan ahead. It also allows you to plan your giving and gives you the flexibility to change it at any time. Donate here >

9. Get your workplace involved

Engaging your workplace in supporting the Marmalade Trust is a great way to engage staff, customers and key stakeholders whilst meeting your corporate social responsibilities. We work locally in Bristol and our awareness campaigns stretch nationally and internationally.

By helping us, your company can make a huge impact on local communities as well as reach our global audience. There are so many ways you can partner with us to make a difference, including sharing the skills and expertise of your staff to support us, holding fundraising events or considering us as your charity of the year or introducing us to your networks. Find out more here.

“The Marmalade Trust does an incredible amount of work for the lonely and isolated people in the region. Through our partnership, we are planning a jam-packed year of events and activities, all aimed at getting communities together, raising awareness of loneliness and creating new friendships, including a huge street party event!"

- David Barratt Homes

10. Set yourself a challenge

From doing a year of good deeds to hosting a live gaming stream - there's a fun challenge perfectly suited to each of us. Not only will you be raising funds to support our work, but fundraising is also such a good way to make friends, find common ground and generally have a laugh and feel great about yourself! Sounds like a win - win to us!

Check out our fundraising ideas here, and find out how to get started here.

"I’ve chose to support Marmalade Trust as loneliness is experienced by most people at some point in life. I’d heard about the work they [Marmalade Trust] do over Christmas before, but was not aware of their year-round support. I wanted something local and not too big so that the little bit I am able to contribute might make a real difference and the Marmalade Trust fitted perfectly."

Sally Greenland, one of our superstar fundraisers, ran an incredible 46 muddy miles around Bristol to support Marmalade Trust, smashing her £2,000 target! Read more here >

Thank you to everyone who has supported our work at Marmalade Trust over the past 10 years. We are blown away by your commitment and generosity! And to everyone who supports us in the next 10 years, however you decide to do, thank you so much - we can't do it without you!


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