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Hooray for Make A Friend Day!

Friends play such an important role in our lives. Today is National Make A Friend Day, an annual event that honours friendships and encourages people to meet new ones.

Making friends can feel like a terrifying business no matter what age we are, but there are so many potential new friendships out there just waiting to be made (and if we can feel a bit nervous, you can bet others will be feeling the same way too).

So whether you treat an existing friend to a coffee and cake (or even make them a cake) or do something new and interesting to meet people, today is all about extending a friendly hand and trying something a bit different.

Because who knows what lovely new connections could happen, even from a chatty exchange with someone who you wouldn’t normally talk to? If you’re unsure about how to meet new people, why not look around your local area and community for a club, class or cause that matches your interests.

There is a friend (or a few) out there for everybody – so take the plunge and make a new friend today! In fact, we’re all about acting like it’s National Make A Friend Day every day of the year….

If you do make a new friend today or meet up with an old one, post a nice pic on social media with the hashtags #NationalMakeAFriendDay #MarmaladeMates and spread the feel-good friendship vibes!


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