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How to feel less lonely on Valentine's Day

Being by yourself in the run up to Valentine’s Day can leave you feeling like the only one in the world without a partner – every shopfront you pass is covered in hearts, every restaurant advertises romantic dinners for two.

You might even find your email inbox full of tenuous romantic marketing emails!

The marketing which surrounds V Day can leave us feeling not just lonely, but like we’re missing out on a romantic love with a partner which the rest of the world seems to be experiencing. But when we think about love on any another day of the year, we think of love for our pets, for friends and family, or even for hobbies and activities.

So, this year, why not “feel the love” on Valentine’s Day by celebrating what you love most in your life, cultivating self-love and spreading love with the people you care about. Instead of ignoring Valentine’s Day, reclaim it as your day!

Here are some ideas of things to do:


  1. Make someone else feel loved – spoil a friend or family member, make them feel special, taken care of and loved

  2. Invite your friends over for a Palentine’s Day meal! Use the opportunity to spend time with people who love you over a delicious dinner

  3. Host a games night

  4. Indulge in 'you' time by treating yourself to a spa day, bubble bath, haircut or manicure

  5. Watch a film you love

  6. Visit a comedy club and have a laugh

  7. Write in a gratitude journal

  8. Attend a sporting event

  9. See a play or go to the cinema

Do you often feel lonely? 

We all feel lonely at times – it’s a totally normal human emotion.

As human beings, we are biologically wired for social contact. A bit like when we feel thirty, our bodies are telling us that we need to drink something, loneliness is our signal that we need to pay attention to the amount of social contact we’re having.

If you’re finding your loneliness overwhelming, have a read of our three-point guide to feeling less lonely.


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