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Loneliness Awareness Week 2023 event raises £750!

The power of community and compassion came together during this year's Loneliness Awareness Week, as an inspiring event unfolded to support Marmalade Trust.

Organised by the dynamic duo, Jade Cooper and Rachael Manning, the event brought people closer and raised both awareness and funds for our important work.

With a clear mission in mind, Marmalade supporters Jade and Rachael orchestrated an evening that left a lasting impact. The event, hosted with unwavering dedication, aimed to shed light on loneliness and its far-reaching effects on people's lives.

Through the combined efforts of numerous individuals and businesses, the event managed to raise an incredible £750. This achievement was made possible by the generous contributions from ticket sales and raffle entries. Every pound raised is a testament to the kindness and willingness to make a difference. Ethan Church, from Glass Arrow Productions, deserves a special mention for capturing the essence of the event (see video above)!

The event wasn't just about numbers; it was about sparking conversations. The speakers – Ricky Bush, Jess Saumarez, Adam Rooke, Alice Peperell, and Sam Duggan – took the stage to address the topic of loneliness. Through a panel discussion featuring five thought-provoking questions, they shared their insights and experiences. Their words resonated with the 60+ attendees, leaving them with valuable takeaways and a renewed sense of community.

Jade shared, "my phone has been going off all day from people messaging and commenting how amazing you all were, how honest you all were, and how every audience member took something away from what you said. This is massively powerful and it means so much to both Rachael and I that you gave up your evening to support this wonderful and important cause." These words highlight the impact of the event and the ripple effect it had on everyone involved.

Ashley Pocock from Lexus deserves special recognition for their sponsorship, which played a pivotal role in making the event a reality.

We at Marmalade Trust are beyond grateful not just for the wonderful donation, but for the time and effort taken to organise and host the event by the talented Jade and Rachael. Loneliness Awareness Week is all about the importance of connection and together, we proved that we can all make a difference in raising awareness of loneliness and creating a better community for all.


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