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Our Trustees!

Last week was Trustees Week, and we wanted to share another Marmalade Trust trustee story. Here's what Hatty had to say...

1. What is your role as a trustee and what does your role entail?

My role is to provide independent oversight to the running of the charity and ensure that decisions are being made that fulfil the charity’s purpose and align with the charity objectives.

I also support the operational aspects of the charity using my experience in finance and governance and provide a sounding board for the CEO and operational team to discuss new ideas and strategy and to help focus our limited resources to provide the best service to our members and maximise our national impact.

I attend board meetings, which involves reviewing papers and ensuring I am fully informed before we come to making any decisions. I provide ongoing support on governance and management issues to the operational team where required and have even been involved in a media appearance to help raise the profile of the charity.

2. Why did you decide to become a trustee with Marmalade Trust?

I wanted to help! I have personal experience of loneliness and I believe that helping to identify and support those struggling with chronic loneliness serves to improve communities and reduces the future burden on health and social services.

Also, being diabetic I couldn’t volunteer in the community during Covid-19 so I approached Marmalade Trust to find out what else I could do. My background advising trustee boards in governance and finance meant that I could provide useful support as a trustee to a charity with limited resources.

3. What do you enjoy most about being a trustee with Marmalade Trust?

The people are incredible – I have the opportunity to work with such driven, talented and passionate people and to champion a cause that is so relatable to many yet poorly considered by society.

I have learned so much, even in the 6 months or so since I’ve been directly involved. I am realising what I have to offer and developing my own skills as well as learning so much from those I am working with – our diverse backgrounds give so many differing perspectives, I am really enjoying the constructive discussion and debate when we are making decisions as a board.

I also enjoy working with our members – being part of the Marmalade Companions project was heart wrenching but amazing, to really build that personal connection with someone so close in geography yet so isolated in terms of the community. I cannot wait to host a Christmas lunch this year and spend more time with those who benefit from this wonderful charity.

4. Any thoughts/hopes for the future with Marmalade Trust?

I really believe that people’s understanding and awareness of loneliness in our society has developed following personal experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are at a point now where local and national interests are starting to align, and the concept of loneliness awareness is gaining traction around the globe. We need to ensure we have the resource and expertise to help expand Marmalade Trust’s reach and to make sure our message and values remain true while our influence grows.


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