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Understanding loneliness toolkit

We're delighted to connect once again with The Great Together to produce an Understanding Loneliness Toolkit. It provides resources and advice on how to face loneliness this winter.

The Great Winter Get Together

The Jo Cox Foundation's Great Winter Get Together campaign, which runs from 14 December - 18 January, is asking people to face loneliness together: one connection at a time.

Over 9 million people in the UK say they are always or often lonely.

This year has been particularly difficult, with lockdown and social distancing having exacerbated feelings of isolation for many people. It has also exposed more people than we could have imagined to the experience and concept of loneliness.

Connection is one way we can face loneliness. It can happen in many different ways, including joining virtual events, supporting a neighbour or reaching out to an old friend. This winter, the Great Get Together wants to reduce loneliness and reduce stigma by building connection. Let's take forward Jo Cox’s vision of a less lonely, more connected world.

Head this way to join in with The Great Winter Get Together.


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