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Volunteer applications open! 🎄

* Please note - since posting, we have successfully recruited all of the volunteers we need. Thank you! *

Christmas can be the hardest, most dreaded time of the year for those experiencing loneliness and isolation. Since 2013, we've been changing that story for hundreds of older, vulnerable people who would otherwise be by themselves on Christmas Day. Without our dedicated community of friendly and committed volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Would you like to help us make Christmas Day special or know anyone else who would be interested in volunteering?

"It means everything to know someone cares. Without Marmalade Trust, I wouldn't have spoken to or seen anyone over Christmas. I'm so grateful."

We are also running a 20-week long project from January 2022 called 'Marmalade Companions', supporting Marmalade members to find new social contact and re-engage back into their communities. Volunteers will build a trusting relationship through regular telephone contact, supporting their companion to build confidence and form new social links.

Could you support us to continue the great work we are doing? We're looking for volunteers to help us raise funds to reach even more people experiencing loneliness. Send us an email if you're interested!

If you have any questions, please email us: or call 07566 244 788. We'd love to hear from you! Thank you, Amy, Lucy, Fiona and Megan (The Marmalade Team)


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